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TrainingThe wisest man has something yet to learn.

George Santayana

“What do you want to achieve?”
It’s our first question. Why? Because training isn’t always the answer.
Once we agree that training is what you need we start to get to know your business. How better to do this than by spending time in it?
We talk to you and your teams to make sure that we know what skill level everyone is working at and where they need to be. It’s all part of the 3-stage process we build and apply.
If you want to label what we do, it’s sales training and management development.

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Our 3-stage process ensures that if you come to us for training, your programme is built to fit you, your business and your needs.

Stage 1: Before


We’ve worked with companies across more than 30 industries and for each one we research our client’s industry to make sure that we reflect the language and culture in the training.


We spend time with the people in your business to get a real understanding of how you and your business works on a day to day basis.

We meet on a 1:1 or small group basis to talk about the planned development programme. This simple action increases buy-in, which in turn accelerates learning. Through these conversations we’re able to determine individual learning and communication styles. We also get a good understanding of perceived and actual training needs.

The result of our research and observations ensures it’s training that fits.

Stage 2: During

Through the training programme, we work with your people to:

The last point is especially important, because practice makes permanent.

Stage 3: After

The success of the training is as important to us and it is to you: it’s our reputation that we’re talking about.

Just because the training’s been delivered, we haven’t finished. We arrange a full debrief with you to talk about what you are now seeing, hearing and feeling. We’ll share any additional tools – such as mystery shopping – that we can to help you maximise the return on your investment.

Case Study: Durham University

Durham University has created a campaign called “Creating the Future: 2013-2017”, the primary purpose being to establish Durham University as a World Top 50 University to add to its Top 5 UK status.

Substantial philanthropic donations through the DARO team formed part of that plan.

We were engaged to support the DARO (Development and Alumni Relations Office) with their team of 100+ student callers to support this programme. We developed a series of interactive behaviour-based training sessions aimed at New Callers. We also trained their Supervisors and Lead Callers to support the calling team to achieve their donation targets. As part of this work we also provided side-by-side coaching and coaching to the group, this helped both those who were performing well and those falling behind targets or expected performance.

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