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“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carl W Buechner

The right speaker will make your event memorable, for the right reasons. Mike and Nevil are invited to address audiences across the UK, from business expos, to conferences.

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Nevil Tynemouth

Nevil Tynemouth

Sales, Speaker, Coach & Trainer

Nevil was involved in launching two of the UK’s most familiar brands in Dyson and BlackBerry. He has worked as part of FTSE100 companies management teams for over a decade and in sales for 25 years. Working at BT, Nevil designed, launched and lead a new sales coaching programme for over 400 colleagues from General Manager to front line salespeople and this programme is still in place and being used to great effect. He is a director at New Results Training, home to 2013-14 British Sales Trainer of the year.

Sharing his own journey, methods and approach, Nevil is helping business people go from good to great, progressing their own successful careers. Being at the sharp end of sales has given Nevil a great depth and breadth of experience making his seminars come to life, inspiring and motivating his audience. Blending theory, his own personal experience, and interactive exercises, supporting his audiences in finding their own ideas and creating their own paths.

Nevil is the author of “Sales Success on LinkedIn” and is recognised as an excellent facilitator, bringing new ideas, methods and approaches to life for those he works with. Inspiring business owners, directors and their teams with the real world practical tools while getting individuals and businesses fired up, focussed and understanding the behavioural shifts to achieve success. Creating highly effective, high impact tools that people can use is key in both Nevil’s seminars and workshops. Inspiring the next and supporting the now through tried and tested methods while challenging the norm, the accepted and “folk lore” that has built up in sales and business.

“Winning the major clients” – Seminar and workshops

A major client, a corporate or well-known customer brings significant advantages, including the opportunity to use it as a reference for other potential customers. But how do you go about securing it? Nevil Tynemouth has extensive experience in sales environments and will introduce you to some of the key concepts in the sales process specifically around engaging and winning a major client.

This workshop includes the following:

  • Understanding the pre-work and preparation needed
  • Finding all of the key areas of strength and development needed in your business
  • Looking for opportunities to leverage existing relationships to get in front of major clients
  • Focussing on the key tools and goal setting mind-set that makes major client interaction successful
  • Sharing a framework and methodology for major customer engagement in a face to face environment

Once this has been covered we will look at the specific approaches proven to be engaging for major clients. Sharing key successes we will look at the following process (SAPS) for client engagement:

  • Understanding the “Significant pain, change or opportunity” presenting in your major customer
  • Finding out about their “Access to funds”, budget and timescales
  • Digging in to fully appreciate their internal “Purchasing or procurement process”
  • Discovering the effects that “Sleepless nights” have on individual contacts and using this in the sales process

Equipping you with key tools that can be reused to engage major clients, understanding their world and engaging all part of a major client. This interactive workshop equips you with the key tools and methods to understand major clients in more detail, focussing on the most important opportunities for them (and you).

“Sales Success in LinkedIn” – Seminar, workshops and book

Why do YOU use LinkedIn? Nevil is an avid LinkedIn user, being a member of LinkedIn for the last 7 years and LinkedIn’s most recent stats show him to be in the top 1% of searched profiles globally. Nevil shares his passion for LinkedIn, business development and sales. His detailed knowledge, experience and research of LinkedIn helps you focus on key ideas and methods you can take back to use on your own profiles. Both his seminars and workshops will help you in identifying new contacts, creating new connections and winning more customers on LinkedIn. With nearly 350 million people using LinkedIn globally, is this something you can ignore?

His workshop covers the following:

  •  Understanding what you can use LinkedIn for
  • Getting your profile set up correctly
  • Finding existing contacts and growing your online network
  • Finding groups
  •  We will then build on the foundations with:
  • Using a proven, successful process to find the right new contacts
  • Maximising your use of groups
  • Finding, connecting and arranging meetings with key contacts
  • Refining your profile to best effect and raising your profile with key contacts
  • Using search (and advanced) searches to find new contacts
  • Using the MiNe © model to maximise your impact with existing online contacts

By the end of this workshop, you will be equipped with all of the tools and techniques you need to help customers find you, help them by from you and help raise your online profile. You leave having updated, polished and refined your profile, creating an engaging presence on LinkedIn and with a range of tools and approaches designing to help in attracting customers to you.

“Price versus value – growing your sales by growing your value” – Seminar and workshops

Why do you buy what you buy? Can you distinguish between what you want and what you need? How well do you understand your own pricing sensitivity and knowing that, how good are you at identifying and understanding your customers perceptions of price and value?

This seminar and workshop includes the following:

  •  Helping you in understanding the price and the value of your service offering.
  • Finding the most appropriate positioning of the value of your offer
  • Looking at why the price objections is often cited as the biggest objection in business.

Once this has been covered we will look at the specific approaches proven to be effective in engaging customers in the pricing discussion. Sharing key successes we will look at the following process for pricing success:

  •  Developing a way of positioning value to connect with clients.
  • Selling on value and not on price.
  • Learning to build value rather than reduce price.
  • Understanding your own price sensitivity and pricing barriers.

Equipping you with key tools that can be reused to engage customers when presenting your service. This interactive seminar and workshop equips you with the key tools and methods to win more new customers based on the value you offer rather than the price.

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Mike Lever

Mike Lever

British Sales Trainer of the Year, Speaker, Coach

Tap into Mike’s FTSE100 senior management background. He has over 17 years of banking experience, 25+ years’ sales experience and more than 20 years in training & coaching.

When Mike shares his knowledge, experience and research on the psychology of customer behaviour, you’ll realise how easy it is to sell more, to more customers and more often.

Mike’s worked in and with national and international brands for over 20 years, is a director of New Results Training and runs the North East Regional Group for the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.

Mike is particularly interested in the behavioural elements of development and sales from the customers’ angle. He helps sellers, managers and directors to grow themselves and their business by sharing this knowledge.

Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

Why do your customers buy from you (or not)? Selling is easy, but people make it complicated. Especially customers. And sellers. Mike is frustrated by sellers and business owners who forget to think like their customer. Not their customers; their customer.

Going beyond marketeers’ typologies (which focus on group behaviour), you’ll discover what influences individuals to buy and what you can need to do to make it happen.

This seminar and workshop includes:

  • Unlocking the root of buying decisions
  • Recognising where client journeys really begin
  • Knowing how to invest wisely to get the right balance

By the time the session is wrapping up, you’ll be armed with three interlocking tools that make it easy to recognise the right things to do to sell more, more often. You’ll also understand what it means to – and why you need to – get your customer on the green line.

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