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How to map your customer journey?

What is the customer journey and more importantly what is your customer’s journey?  Where does it really begin? Where does it end (does it end?) and what can you do to influence it?

Mapping the customer journey

To make it a little easier for you to start mapping your own customer journey we’ve created a sample journey. This journey involves a couple who decide to book a weekend away to a castle that’s a hotel.  It’s their first stay at a castle.  They’re going in 2 months’ time.

Even though they’ve never stayed at a castle before, they’ll have first impressions forming before they choose their destination: it’ll have a gravel driveway and tall, wrought iron gates.  The room will have high ceilings with a beautiful four-poster bed.  It’ll be quaint and romantic.  How are they forming first impressions before they choose their destination?  It’s a blend of imagination (beliefs) and experience (visits to castles as children, what they’ve seen in the media, etc).

Next?  They search for options and inevitably take a look at reviews on TripAdvisor.  Yes, we’re influenced by what random people (who we’ll never meet) thought of the hotels we’ve shortlisted.  Eventually the place is found and booked online.

This is how this couple’s journey starts.  Remember, it’s a couple of months before they’ll arrive and yet their first impressions are formed.

So, the next steps are for you to download our example by clicking on the link below Click on the image below for a helpful example and a blank map for you to use.

Customer journey resource

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