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First 90 seconds of a meeting

1st 90 seconds of a meeting

What can we do to help make our customer want to buy from us? Well, it turns out that we can learn quite a lot from the recruitment industry and a survey of 2,000 company bosses.  Across a 40-minute interview, the buying decision is typically made within the first 90 seconds based on five key…

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Coaching observation pack

train the coach

We’ve created a coaching observation pack resource that will help when you start to practise at coaching. There’s a full set of instructions to follow and do you know what? If you get stuck get in touch we’d love to offer some help. We might even dig out the golf clubs and do a demo! For…

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The cost-value matrix

Cost value matrix

Clever brain experts have proven that when customers are in a good, positive mood, they are much more likely to buy from you.  The trick is to know how to get your customer in a good, positive mood without having to break the bank.  This is where the cost/value matrix comes in. Next time you…

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How to map your customer journey?

customer journey map example

What is the customer journey and more importantly what is your customer’s journey?  Where does it really begin? Where does it end (does it end?) and what can you do to influence it? Mapping the customer journey To make it a little easier for you to start mapping your own customer journey we’ve created a…

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Trust equation

Faced with the option of buying from one of two suppliers, how often do you buy from the one you trust? Even if the other supplier is cheaper? Wonder how cheaper someone you don’t trust would have to be for you to choose them as your supplier. When we trust a sales person, it feels…

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LinkedIn profile checklist

LinkedIn training

When it comes to LinkedIn, how do you attract the right attention? How do you make your profile so attractive, so unbelievably appealing that when someone gets your connection request, they can’t help but accept? We’ve created a simple checklist as a free resource to create or perfect your LinkedIn profile. It’s really simple: click…

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Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

why customers buy

What goes on in a person’s mind when they are in a buying situation? By better understanding the answer, all business owners and anyone who works with customers can make adjustments that will make it easier for customers to buy more, more often. Thanks for visiting our resource page. It’s really simple: click on the…

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Grade Your Customers

grade your customers

Have you ever sat back and wondered if your customers are actually good or bad for your business? Here’s a great resource to raise awareness of your customers and recognise what appropriate actions is to take with each. It’s really simple: click on the image below and you can download your resource.   While you’re…

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