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the speaking issue

Developing your coaching approach

Coach versus Mentor: the developing battle

Thanks to the team at The Speaking Business magazine for publishing Nevil's article on developing coaching skills.

Lots of people offer coaching and my guess is that you will have experienced coaching in some form or another as part of your business career. I have been coached, c…

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Optimum Vos Launch

Optimum Vos Launch 14th October

What an amazing venue Durham Castle was for the launch of our new coaching programme: Optimum Vos.

Lucky people also got a sneaky peek of our new branding, keep your eyes peeled.

Big thank you to Angela from The Bigger Picture for our photos too.

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Optimum Vos Launch

Launch of new coaching programme

We're delighted to launch our innovative new coaching programme aimed at helping you 'to be the best you'.  We're passionate about training, coaching and self-development and our new Optimum Vos programme will combine all three.

A six-month commitment, with clients attending a day a per month in peer groups of six. There are three levels, or packages available, a basic, medium and adva…

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ball, eyes

Keep your eye on the ball…useless or useful coaching advice?

I’m guessing you’ve either had this said to you at some point, or said it to someone else.

Seems pretty obvious advice, right?  But how do you check that someone is keeping their eye on the ball without using expensive eye-tracking equipment?

This is where coaching comes in.

We’re often asked if coaches can only work with clients in areas where they have exper…

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high speed, fast

Training & Coaching at 150mph

As coaches and trainers we’re not usually the ones being coached or trained, and definitely not at 150mph.  But that’s what happened on 9th April.

Team building is a great way of engaging your team and according to this article in HR Magazine employees want…

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Helpful resources...

We spend a lot of time researching our training courses and once we’ve found something useful we love to share it. So here’s some useful free resources for you to read, watch and use.

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How to build your perfect LinkedIn profile

90 seconds of a meeting


First 90 seconds of a meeting

Planning for coaching


Planning your coaching sessions