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What’s your emotional baggage?


You’re in professional services and you want to sell more of your products That’s a space many people find themselves in, but actually one of the words in the title tends to really throw people – the word “sell”. Lots of individuals involved in professional services, so Accountants, Solicitors, Consultants – they get very nervous…

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Should salespeople come with a sell by date?

do sales people have sell by dates?

I was thinking of this the other day. How on earth do you understand if your salespeople are, fresh, in date and wholesome? You need to think about this and you need to review regularly where your salespeople are. In lots of other professional organisations and professional careers, people have to regularly update their personal development –…

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Pains, trains and automobiles

Ciarans second month at new results

My second month at New Results was if anything more painful than the first. Since I was in my apprenticeship training, I couldn’t make a fair number of cups of tea, which resulted in Mike running in with his Nerf gun yet again. This time it hit me in the eye… I couldn’t see my…

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Developing your coaching approach


Coach versus Mentor: the developing battle Thanks to the team at The Speaking Business magazine for publishing Nevil’s article on developing coaching skills. Lots of people offer coaching and my guess is that you will have experienced coaching in some form or another as part of your business career. I have been coached, coached others…

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Down in the mouth…or Took my breath away

fear of selling

            I had a root canal filling a couple of weeks ago. The reaction from anyone I told was a combined wince and sharp intake of breath. “Did it hurt?” “It took an hour? I wouldn’t fancy that.” “I hate the thought of going to the dentist: needles and drills!” Naturally,…

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Seven years old and seven things I’ve learnt

New Results seven years old

It’s been 7 years since Nevil set up New Results Training, now known as New Results. Some of you may know his favourite phrase is “every day is a school day” so here’s what he’s learnt over the last 7 years. Relationships matter – Never underestimate the power of your network. The people you’ve worked with, worked for…

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E-Nerf is E-Nerf (My first month at New Results)


My first month at New Results has resulted in multiple bruises from Mike, Nic and Nev’s nerf guns that they keep in their drawers at all times for when I don’t manage to get us 300+ Twitter followers in one day. I am constantly at my desk, and if I even ask for a break:…

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The route(r) to better performance

Route to success

                      I was asked to do a short presentation to explain what New Results does. So naturally I took along one of our old D-Link routers… Imagine the excitement on the day that this (then) new router arrived: full of the promise of increased performance….

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Growth Hub Event

New Results Growth Hub

We are chuffed to be part of the Growth Hub event on March 23rd. Here is an article that was recently featured on BDaily, here it is if you’d like to give it a read: Business owners and SMEs in the North East are invited to attend the latest in a new series of events…

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Apprenticeship experts turn to Mike for New Results

Apprenticeship sales training

Great piece in Bdaily on our recent work with Baltic Training Services. Baltic Training Services, based at Newton Aycliffe, are an innovative apprenticeship provider who work with leading employers in the IT sector across the country. When the expanding company wanted to generate more leads for its field sales team, they chose Mike Lever, from New…

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SME Growth Workshops

SME Growth Workshops

We’re pleased to be a part of the delivery team offering Sales and Marketing workshops to SME’s in the North East. We’ll be supporting businesses with their “pitch” and “closing the sale” in a series of workshops followed by 1:1 mentoring support. Free workshops scheduled for growth oriented SMEs. A string of sales and marketing workshops…

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First 90 seconds of a meeting

1st 90 seconds of a meeting

What can we do to help make our customer want to buy from us? Well, it turns out that we can learn quite a lot from the recruitment industry and a survey of 2,000 company bosses.  Across a 40-minute interview, the buying decision is typically made within the first 90 seconds based on five key…

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Optimum Vos Launch 14th October


What an amazing venue Durham Castle was for the launch of our new coaching programme: Optimum Vos. Lucky people also got a sneaky peek of our new branding, keep your eyes peeled. Big thank you to Angela from The Bigger Picture for our photos too.

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Launch of new coaching programme

Optimum Vis

We’re delighted to launch our innovative new coaching programme aimed at helping you ‘to be the best you’.  We’re passionate about training, coaching and self-development and our new Optimum Vos programme will combine all three. A six-month commitment, with clients attending a day a per month in peer groups of six. There are three levels, or…

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Coaching observation pack

train the coach

We’ve created a coaching observation pack resource that will help when you start to practise at coaching. There’s a full set of instructions to follow and do you know what? If you get stuck get in touch we’d love to offer some help. We might even dig out the golf clubs and do a demo! For…

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Nevil guest speaker at venue opening

Our very own Nevil was the guest speaker at the launch of the Lecture Suite at the Scottish capital’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Nevil is Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association and is a regular speaker at events regionally and nationally. “Through New Results Training I do a lot of work with Sodexo and spoke…

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Common sales myths and their truths

sales myths

It’s hard to find a picture for a myth, so I got the nearest thing. Over the 30 years or so that I’ve been in sales/sales management/sales training, there’s been the occasional myth that continues to do the rounds.  Here are three that still get trained out or cited as being true. Myth #1: 55%…

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What could students possibly gain from LinkedIn networking (and other online platforms)

LinkedIn networking

LinkedIn networking and networking effectively was the subject of a seminar I ran for students at Newcastle University Careers week. The picture shows them starting to network and the physical act of growing a network (speaking to someone new in the room) and connecting up with people. We then went on to show how you…

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Selling to decision-makers & influencers. Lessons from a kid’s party.

birthday cake

It’s great when a business owner recognises who the decision-makers and influencers are. Here’s a short story about a kid’s party. If you have children under the age of 10, chances are they’re at birthday parties on a frighteningly regular basis. Really, just how many friends can a five year old child have?  I’ve got…

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When it comes to your network, size isn’t everything!


It’s not the size of your network, it’s the value in your network. Having more connections on any social media is good, but having a strong network that you support and help is key.  Likewise, a network that supports and helps you is much better. How do you add some value to your network? Share…

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Where do you go for your “Super school days”?

personal development

It’s important to invest in personal and professional development and for me this comes in many different forms. I was fortunate enough to attend the bi-annual conference of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA)  in Reading last October. This PSA convention is part of my development and one that I find useful, rewarding and engaging. So,…

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Time-management? Forget it.

time management

Time-management.  You can’t do it;  it’s a misnomer. Time’s the great leveller: no matter how wealthy or poor we are, we all get 168 hours in a week.  Which means that unless you’ve found a fully functioning TARDIS or Doc Brown’s DeLorean, you’re as powerless to manage time as the other 7 billion or so…

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The cost-value matrix

Cost value matrix

Clever brain experts have proven that when customers are in a good, positive mood, they are much more likely to buy from you.  The trick is to know how to get your customer in a good, positive mood without having to break the bank.  This is where the cost/value matrix comes in. Next time you…

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Why consumer behaviour is important

Consumer beahviour

Consumer behaviour is important and here’s a short story about why. A long weekend in the magnificent village of London – what could be nicer? Nevil was already there, having been visiting clients the day before, so I decided to take the early train so we could fill our day.  All started well: a sunny…

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How is closing like a marriage proposal?

closing and marriage

A lot is said about “closing the deal” or “closing techniques”, and some of the traditional methods are still very useful and at the same time, some new closing techniques are worth exploring. Firstly let’s define what stages there are in winning more business, increasing your sales and getting customers to yes. Getting a contract…

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Value based selling

value based selling

As Warren Buffett is credited as saying, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” If I had a penny for every time a salesperson told me that their customers only ever buy on price, well I’d have a pile of pennies. And yet, the evidence points elsewhere. Here’s just a few examples…

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We train people in sales not marketing

sales not marketing

Yes, it’s true I can’t support you with marketing your products and services, I don’t know the difference between a brand and a logo, colours baffle me, as do buying personas and typologies. This is all marketing stuff and do you know what? I leave these to marketing experts (check out my work history and…

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What business people like and dislike about others

Knowledge, skills and behaviours

What  behaviours do you chose to adopt? Here’s the output from ten business people, across a wide range of industries, on what they like and dislike about others that they’ve dealt with that day.   Dislike Greedy – wanting us to spend money before seeing what they had to sell Dishonest – told us something that…

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How is our training different?

sales skills course

When I was 25 years old, you couldn’t tell me or train me in anything, as a salesperson I knew it all, I was hitting my targets, achieving my bonus and living the life of riley. It is only now a few (ahem!) years on that I realise how little I really knew and understood…

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How to map your customer journey?

customer journey map example

What is the customer journey and more importantly what is your customer’s journey?  Where does it really begin? Where does it end (does it end?) and what can you do to influence it? Mapping the customer journey To make it a little easier for you to start mapping your own customer journey we’ve created a…

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Sales presentation tips

Presentation Genius

    Our good friend and all round Presentation Genius,  Dr Simon Raybould gives three simple sales presentation tips. It involves PIE too. You can learn more from Simon on his Presentations Genius online training programme. Want to find out more follow this link 

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Trust equation

Faced with the option of buying from one of two suppliers, how often do you buy from the one you trust? Even if the other supplier is cheaper? Wonder how cheaper someone you don’t trust would have to be for you to choose them as your supplier. When we trust a sales person, it feels…

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LinkedIn profile checklist

LinkedIn training

When it comes to LinkedIn, how do you attract the right attention? How do you make your profile so attractive, so unbelievably appealing that when someone gets your connection request, they can’t help but accept? We’ve created a simple checklist as a free resource to create or perfect your LinkedIn profile. It’s really simple: click…

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Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

why customers buy

What goes on in a person’s mind when they are in a buying situation? By better understanding the answer, all business owners and anyone who works with customers can make adjustments that will make it easier for customers to buy more, more often. Thanks for visiting our resource page. It’s really simple: click on the…

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Grade Your Customers

grade your customers

Have you ever sat back and wondered if your customers are actually good or bad for your business? Here’s a great resource to raise awareness of your customers and recognise what appropriate actions is to take with each. It’s really simple: click on the image below and you can download your resource.   While you’re…

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Sales Success on LinkedIn Top tips

LinkedIn training course

Sales Success on LinkedIn is 1 year old. To celebrate its first birthday we will be having cake (obviously) and sharing some real gems from the book. Each day there will be the chapter heading along with a quick top tip to take away from that chapter. So in 10 days’ time you’ll have 10 LinkedIn…

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“Free money” from Long Term Foreign Currency Deposits

euro currency 2

As an independent consultant I have travelled internationally a fair amount over the years and as happens with many business people a number of small plastic wallets with foreign notes had accumulated at the back of the cupboard in my office at home, which had long been overlooked. As various projects had finished and the…

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Coaching – Try This This Week

Try This This Week

Coaching  and in particular non-directive coaching is a great way to help develop individuals. The idea being that coachees find their own solutions and ways of working. In this short video below, Nevil gives a few simple ideas for coaching people around you. Interested in finding out more about coaching? Why not take a look…

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Are you ready to be sold to? Politics and selling

Are politicians sales people

It’s official we are now in the full throws of a general election campaign. So, what do the politicians need to achieve? Well, they need to win our votes, so they need to start selling themselves and explaining why we should vote for them. In the last general election, of those eligible to vote only…

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Thinking like your customer

Try This This Week

Thinking like your customer is a great way to help increase your sales as it helps build credibility. In our first ever 3TW video we explored thinking like your customer and this week expand on that. In particular how they are thinking during a meeting.  The eagle eyed of you may spot a couple of…

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